Country Tours

Your VIP Experience starts off arrival at the Ivy lane Estate. Take pictures, meet other participants and get acquainted with the cars. Our staff will walk you through a thorough overview of each of our vehicles including full “F1-style and E-gear” transmission instructions. After some initial learning you’ll be driving like a full on professional! Afterwards, you’ll embark on the road and journey on a two and a half or five hour drive on the finest curvy roads. After 9 years of running these tours we feel confident in making sure you have the best roads the area has to offer. We also have the driver and passenger switch at designated checkpoints so everyone gets a turn as well as the chance to drive 4 to 5 exotic cars for 2.5 hours or 6 to 7 for the 5 hour Tour! At the end of the tour GTA Exotics caters a BBQ Lunch poolside with premium burgers, gourmet salads, desserts, snacks and refreshments. You're more than welcomed to take a dip in the pool or hot tub after your spirited day of driving.
Your entire experience will range from a minimum of three hours up to six hours including instructions. It’ll be a memorable day of driving that you won’t forget anytime soon! Our staff have a fleet of motorcycles, radio communication, and most important of all – absolute fun to make sure everyone has a wonderful time on the best twisty roads of Ontario.
Should you purchase two seats on the tour, the passenger you bring does not have to drive. If they want to film or take pictures they are more than welcome to. If you purchase ONE SEAT there will be another PAYING CUSTOMER in the seat beside you. There is always TWO PAYING CUSTOMERS in EACH car. Please keep in mind that there will always need to be at least two paying customers in each car. You will switch seats and switch cars with the other customer next to you. Should you want to be the only driver in the car you must purchase two seats.

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