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We love our customers, new and previous. That’s why we post their opinions of their individual experiences right on this page, for the world to see. We’ve got nothing to hide.

  What a way to make an everyday guy and gal feel like superstars.

-Roger & Maureen Glaser (OAKVILLE, ON)


  I never knew a car could make me feel so good…



  Amazing Experience.

-Michael B. (TORONTO, ON)


  Amazing idea, amazing service, amazing day…Thanks guys!

-Sabrina Henshaw (CALGARY, AB)


  What a day!

-Brandon Mccoy (BANFF, BC)


  The best day of my life! Such a thrill!

-Samuel Lutes (GRANBY, QC)

  The thrill I’ve been seeking all my life.

-Salar Ali (LONDON, ON)


  Quite honestly the best time I’ve ever had…seriously.

-Andrew Martin (KITCHENER, ON)


  True brilliance, at an affordable price.

-George A. (OSHAWA, ON)


  By far the best exotic rental company I’ve worked with. Quote me.

-Jaden Balduci (THORNHILL, ON)


  No words for this type of thing. Thanks to Stu for helping me out!

-Lucas Abar (SARNIA, ON)


  The ability to drive these monsters for a day, and not break the bank.

-Abdul Malik (VANCOUVER, QC)