Many companies have come and gone, but Exotic Car Tour continues to offer top-notch services, great prices, and wicked exotic cars. Our expertise and passion for supercars has led us to lead the #1 exotic car rental in the Greater Toronto Area. We offer the widest line of services from any of our competitors, from 5-hour country tours, 30-minute test drives, full-day track days, to even complete car rental. Our fearless manager, Stewart Wilson, has been a thrill-seeker all his life, with a keen eye for exotics. He knows the excitement when driving this insane machines like the back of his hand, so giving you the chance to get behind the wheel of dream cars you never thought you’d ever get a chance to, is what he lives for. Located in the beautiful city of Oakville, a short drive from Toronto, you are now even closer to living the life of a supercar lover. Book your experience today!